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Working online

I’m nearly always  online with clients now,  if you would like to see how I present online there is a new video on my videos page with some extracts from a recent online workshop.

It’s a phenomenon… not a syndrome

During the last year I have had the pleasure of speaking to over 20 people about their experiences of the imposter phenomenon and over the next 12 months I will be completing an in-depth analysis of the interviews to write up for my PhD research.  In the meantime, there are some emerging themes which I […]

Blog about a recent Imposter Syndrome workshop

I recently ran a workshop on the Imposter Phenomenon for the Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering. Dr Michèle Routley has kindly written a blog about the session, which can be found here: camawise.org.uk/blog-success-what-lies-behind-the-mask-an-exploration-of-the-imposter-syndrome/

Diversity and Bias – Men wanted!

We all know how important it is to have diversity in the workplace and to limit our own unconscious biases. In academic research it’s equally important to have diversity and try to avoid bias so that findings are generally valid. I’ve recently finished reading Caroline Criado-Perez’s book ‘Invisible Women’. This book contains stark messages of […]

Skegness and the Imposter Syndrome!

I was recently a guest on the ‘Gin and Topic’ podcast hosted by Sarah Cruise  of Eloquential and her stepdaughter Áine.  It involves remote tasting of a gin chosen by the guest, followed by discussion of an interesting topic, in this case the Imposter Phenomenon (billed, as ever, as a Syndrome).  Surprisingly the podcast sounds […]

Creative Reboot Podcast: Imposter Syndrome with guest expert Kate Atkin

Kate was recently a guest on Creative Reboot podcast, listen to the podcast at https://creativereboot.co/episodes/season-2-episode-2-imposter-syndrome-with-guest-expert-kate-atkin/ Topics covered included … The difference between imposter syndrome and imposter phenomenon, and why imposter phenomenon shouldn’t really be referred to as a syndrome. Reasons for experiencing it, and the very real difference between self-doubt and imposter doubt – self-doubt is […]