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Laura Trott - Olympic Champion

Laura Trott – Olympic Champion

The Olympics have been quite something again this year and team GB are doing their country proud. As I watch with astonishment at the achievements and see Laura Trott crying with joy at being the most successful female Olympian of all time, I am reminded how it is such a short time that women have even been able to participate.

Women did not compete in the Olympics until 1900 when we were allowed to participate in Lawn Tennis and golf. It was 1928 that we first competed in track and field events but then so many fainted after the 800 meters that we were not allowed to compete in this again until 1960.

Just sixteen years ago women first took part in weightlifting and it was only in London 2012 that women’s boxing took place.

London 2012 also saw for the first time women competitors from Qatar, Brunei and Saudi Arabia meaning that every national Olympic committee have now sent women.

For some, this will be shocking that actually equality still isn’t 100% there, some may still have the opinion that women should not be involved and others will just feel proud.

I sit in the feeling proud arena with hope that more women will feel empowered to go for gold.