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Presentation Skills Podcast

Here’s a link to the recent podcast I took part in on Presentation Skills. http://podchatlive.com/episode-72-with-kate-atkin-presentation-skills-and-public-speaking/

How fast should you speak?

imposter syndrome

What is the accepted rate of speech for a presentation? I was recently interviewed by Cambridge TV, and while I have completed some media training and been live on radio before, this was my first foray into a TV studio.  The interview was recorded “as if live”, so there would be no chance of editing […]

Networking – love it or loathe it?

Last week I ran a seminar on effective networking for the Federation of Small Businesses and yesterday I ran an in-house session for a client on the same topic.  It was 17 years ago when I ran my first session on this topic and what has surprised me most was how much people still loathe […]

Is Second Place a Failure?

Kate Atkin

As I mentioned in my last post, I discovered the theory of the Imposter Phenomenon while studying for a masters in positive psychology. This led me to realise that my own internal voices, which for years have been telling me that “I wasn’t good enough” or “if I didn’t do things 100% perfect it was […]

When a Speech doesn’t go to Plan

Speech, Presentation

Have you ever said yes to something which seemed a good idea, but when the time came you started to view it differently? A year ago I missed the entry deadline into the Corporate Speaking Challenge run by the School of Public Speaking. So I gaily said “put me down for next year”. Well those […]