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It’s a phenomenon… not a syndrome

During the last year I have had the pleasure of speaking to over 20 people about their experiences of the imposter phenomenon and over the next 12 months I will be completing an in-depth analysis of the interviews to write up for my PhD research.  In the meantime, there are some emerging themes which I […]

Blog about a recent Imposter Syndrome workshop

I recently ran a workshop on the Imposter Phenomenon for the Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering. Dr Michèle Routley has kindly written a blog about the session, which can be found here: camawise.org.uk/blog-success-what-lies-behind-the-mask-an-exploration-of-the-imposter-syndrome/

Tackle Imposter Phenomenon in your workplace

My Phd supervisor, Dr Terri Simpkin, and I have been working with TotalJobs to carry out research into how employees experience and deal with the Imposter Phenomenon in the workplace. You can find a summary of our results at www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/imposter-phenomenon.   On my Videos page you can watch video of a recent webinar where we presented […]

British Medical Journal IP Blog

The BMJ recently asked me to write a blog on the what the Imposter Phenomenon is and how to manage it, for their website. The result is here: blogs.bmj.com/bmjleader/2020/10/07/dont-call-me-a-hero-by-kate-atkin

Insurance Institute blog about Kate

The Insurance Institute have posted a blog post of a recent talk that Kate gave on Courage, Confidence and the Imposter Syndrome.   It can be found here.

A couple of ‘new’ videos

I was recently checking out my Youtube channel and I found a video called from 2014 that I hadn’t made public, it is about confidence and called “Bump, Bump, Bump”.  Also Jay Sharpe from Audible (of audio book fame) has been kind enough to record a video testimonial following a recent Imposter Syndrome workshop. Both […]