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Tor Goldfield, Internal Communications Director
Kate is a fantastic speaker, knowledgeable, approachable and with a great stage presence. The hour-long session on the Imposter Syndrome flew by and we had glowing feedback afterwards. Lots of people said they’d never heard it discussed openly before, or didn’t even realise it was something that had a name, and that the session had made them feel more comfortable about sharing their own experiences.

By the end of the event, 60% said they were either quite or very confident in their ability to tackle Imposter Syndrome in the future, in comparison to only 20% who said the same right at the start. I would highly recommend Kate as a speaker and expert on this topic, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Kathie Alban, HR Manager
With her intelligent content and thoughtful delivery, Kate created a genuine safe space in which to discuss our own experiences of the imposter phenomenon.  Her advice has helped me to recognise that my own perfectionism at work is, in part, a response to my imposter feelings and it has been a relief to adopt a more pragmatic approach as a result!

Recognising that this phenomenon may affect colleagues, irrespective of how confident they may appear, is also helping me as an HR professional when seeking to support, encourage and empower colleagues.

Linda Allan, Programme Director
Kate’s brief was to design and deliver a workshop that would encourage productive, team-building interactions between 25 aspiring business leaders. Feedback from each of the individuals in the group indicates (1) they considered their time well spent, (2) their enjoyment of the event surpassed their expectations and (3) the discussions and activities participated in by the group elicited highly positive personal and group outcomes. There was no negative feedback from members of the cohort. As very satisfied customers, we had no hesitation in requesting that Kate provide another similar training session.

Sam Tappenden, Head of Business Management
Without a doubt Kate's input has been one of the best professional development opportunities I have ever had. Kate has a knack of asking very incisive questions which really help you think about things differently. Kate uses both academic theory and practical real-world examples to explain concepts which I could actually apply to my working life. As a result I've had great feedback from my colleagues, suggesting that the changes I've made have had a real impact. I would highly recommend Kate for anyone considering coaching; it certainly made and continues to make a difference in my professional life.

Karen Bloomfield
Head of Leadership and Organisational Development

Kate has provided workshops on networking skills, building confidence, influencing and leadership to our Emerging Leaders network. Her workshops are always energising and engaging and have been very well evaluated.
Laura Blackburn
East of England Coaching and Mentoring Fellow

Kate's workshop on Confidence and the Imposter Syndrome had a significant impact on one of the attendees, whom I coach. In the last few months she has soared in her confidence levels and the positivity of her outlook. She tells me that she's the happiest and the most content she's ever been.

Charlotte Ridley
COO, Redgate Software

We participated in Assertiveness Training with Kate as the starting point of our team coaching. I found the session invigorating, and felt really excited and energised to have these new found tools in my arsenal. I’ve used these skills in difficult conversation I’ve had to have in both work and personal affairs, and the outcomes thus far have been really positive. It’s a skill that I will need to practise to refine, but this will come with time and a growth in confidence.

Detective Inspector Yvonne Dales, Nottinghamshire Police
“Kate, I can honestly say that your contribution to the BPA (Black Police Association) and NEWS (Nottinghamshire Encouraging Women to Succeed) development conference held a fortnight ago was first-class. Having identified the Imposter Syndrome as something affecting both men and women and where without the right support they lack the confidence to achieve their full potential, my challenge was finding a credible speaker/facilitator who would create the right impact on a very diverse audience. When we spoke together on the phone all those weeks ago and I explained the situation and what I was trying to achieve you were so patient in the way you listened before making a few suggestions. You then allowed me time to discuss with my colleagues before, pressuring me for a decision. What I particularly liked on the day was the way you personally opened up to everyone about your own experiences. The authenticity and humility in your approach inspired others to open up to you and the audience and share their own experiences of Imposter. Your idea of using a Panel involving Police and Fire Service colleagues, worked especially well. Overall, I believe the event and importantly your input was a resounding success. There is no doubt in my mind that without your contribution which involved individuals’ having to take time to reflect that the dialogue generated then and afterwards had a powerful unifying effect. Thank you again. ”

Gillian Farrar, Deputy CEO
Textile Services Association

Kate, thank you so much for an excellent session on "Confidence is Key" at our annual conference, you ensured it fitted really well with our leadership theme. I, and others, made so many notes of techniques we can take back and mistakes we make when speaking of ourselves and speaking to others. The imposter phenomenon is present in so many of us and I think it brings such power to actively recognise it and try to control it. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with.

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