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Develop @ City – Image, Impact and Influence

Image, Impact and Influence

Thank you for attending the online masterclass on image, impact and influence and for your questions and contributions. In the current online world, our impact and influence is affected by the technology, but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily reduced. In some cases, letting someone see you at home help you to belcome “real” in the other p[erson’s eyes and maybe you are then in a stonger posiiton of influence.

Whatever the situation, online or face to face the image you put across affect the impact you make, which in turn will affect your ability to influence the other person. In addition to getting your personal IMPACT spot on, here are some further tips on influencing. Robert Cialdini has written and researched in this area – this animated video available from his website is well worth watching. Influence at Work by Robert Cialdini

And by all means search for more online about ethos, pathos and logos; here is one website as a starting point

and here are the slides from the workshop: Image, Impact and Influence Slides

You can download a pdf of the Four Social Styles that we discussed.

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