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It was a pleasure to work with you and I truly hope that you enjoyed the workshop and found our discussions useful. The key now is to remember to implement the ideas and actions that you took away either for yourself and/or others you work with.

If there are any issues or questions you would like to discuss please contact me. You can reach me at kate@kateatkin.com or 07779 646976.

On this web-page you will find some extra information... it is a work-inrogress while I run the series of workshops so do check back towards the end of June to see the final version as I'm adding tips and links baased on our discussions.

If you would like more detail on the imposter phenomenon you can download my briefing document Boost Self Efficacy and Banish the Imposter here, it contains some extra information as well as that which I was able to cover in our session. The document can be downloaded here.

You can measure your own level of imposter feelings using the Clance IP Scale questionnaire, which can be downloaded here. It's interesting to see the questions, not just the outcome of the questionnaire, as it gives you an idea of some of the underlying thoughts behind the imposter feelings.

Other Useful Links

Strength Questionnaires

My Tips Booklets
Tips Booklet - The Networking Factor
Tips Booklet - The Confidence Factor

Viola Davis behind the scenes Oscar interview
Inga Beale on R4 Dessert Island Discs

Positive Leadership

Here's the link to my recent musings on Positive Leadership. If you are interested in receiveing future emails (which are sent out out every other month) then the link to sign up is on my home page.

Positive Leadership Musings


During the workshops I mentioned a few TED talks, here are the links:

Carol Dweck - Mindsets

Amy Cuddy- Body Language

Simon Sinek - Leaders ask Why

Other Bits & Pieces

Julie Norem's work on defensive pessimism cropped up on one workshop. My blog post on the topic is below, which also gives the link to her questionnaire:

Blog post - defensive pessimism ,

Here's a link to download a short document with tips on how to handle difficult conversations:

Courageous conversations


...do have a browse around the rest of my website if you would like to know more about me and what I do. If you would like to keep in touch, then you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or sign up to receive my occasional newsletter on my home page .

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