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Workshop info for Middlesex Uni – Happiness

The Science of Happiness

Happiness is just one of many positive emotions. There is a tendency in the Western world to focus on our “right” to be happy and to “strive” for happiness, which puts the chances of finding happiness at risk. Sometimes we need to be still, to be silent, to accept where we are in life to allow happiness to alight on ourselves.

At other times, we need to hold, experience and acknowledge the opposite, negative emotions as they too have a place.

Research by Sonja Lyubomirsky has identified ways in which we can increase our positive emotions. Her research also shows that some of a person’s positivity disposition is down to genetics, the environment as well as a significant portion being within their control.

It was the things within your control we covered during the workshop.

Here are some useful links:

You'll find a diagram of some areas of resilience via this link: Emotionally Resilient Living

This link will take you to Liggy Webb's "Little Book of Resilience" in pdf form

TED talk by Jane McGonigal - at 12min 20 secs she covers 4 key ways to build resilience

Also see Action for Happiness website

And NEF's Five Ways for Wellbeing

and here are the slides from the workshop

Science of Happiness slides

Finally, one of the things we discussed was how happiness is scientifically measured. Here is a link to Ed Diener's work and the scales he has used, and others have validated, in measuring our well-being, happiness and flourishing. Please only use them in accordance with the permissions granted on the site.

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