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  • Pandemic Anxiety or Imposter Chatter?

    The potential impact of the Imposter Phenomenon during the current crisis In the current situation of a global pandemic we are all finding ourselves dealing with internal and external challenges.  Whether...
  • Freelance Heroes Podcast

    I was recently interviewed by Ed Goodman for the Freelance Heroes Podcast. We discussed a number of aspects of the Imposter Phenomenon, focussing on how it affects people working...
  • Presentation Skills Podcast

    Here’s a link to the recent podcast I took part in on Presentation Skills. http://podchatlive.com/episode-72-with-kate-atkin-presentation-skills-and-public-speaking/
  • Think online training is boring? Think again.

    I've just had this feedback from my session yesterday on #impostersyndrome using Skype for Business. No breakout options, no videos (other than mine), some people only able to dial in...
  • Insurance Institute blog about Kate

    The Insurance Institute have posted a blog post of a recent talk that Kate gave on Courage, Confidence and the Imposter Syndrome.   It can be found here.