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Think online training is boring? Think again.

I’ve recently had this feedback from my first session on #impostersyndrome using Skype for Business. No breakout options, no videos (other than mine), some people only able to dial in on their phone and the presentation stopped working part-way through so the slides (thankfully sent to all in advance of the session) were no longer […]

Freelance Heroes Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Ed Goodman for the Freelance Heroes Podcast. We discussed a number of aspects of the Imposter Phenomenon, focussing on how it affects people working freelance and how I have dealt with my own imposter feelings as a freelancer. Listen here.

Presentation Skills Podcast

Here’s a link to the recent podcast I took part in on Presentation Skills. http://podchatlive.com/episode-72-with-kate-atkin-presentation-skills-and-public-speaking/

Insurance Institute blog about Kate

The Insurance Institute have posted a blog post of a recent talk that Kate gave on Courage, Confidence and the Imposter Syndrome.   It can be found here.

Kate on Emma Guns’ podcast

Kate was interviewed recently about the Imposter Phenomenon by journalist, podcaster and broadcaster Emma Gunavardhana.  You can listen to the interview here: Emma Guns interviews Kate Atkin.

BBC Look East Imposter Phenomenon Report

Clip featuring Kate in a recent BBC Look East report on the imposter phenomenon, following up on research conducted by Totaljobs in conjunction with Kate and Dr Terri Simpkin of Anglia Ruskin University. First aired by BBC Look East on 14th June 2019, video extract by kind permission from the BBC. (I’m at 0.36!)   […]