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Kate Atkin in the Press

BBC Look East report on the imposter phenomenon, following up on research conducted by Totaljobs in conjunction with Kate Atkin and Dr Terri Simpkin.  Full report here:

News report first aired on 14th June 2019, video extract by kind permission from the BBC.




Michelle Obama inspires others to say “I have Imposter syndrome too”photo of BBC article

BBC online interview yours truly, Kate Atkin, for some tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome after Michelle Obama speaks openly BBC Online Imposter Syndrome article about her experiences of it.  Here’s the link to the full article online






We were all crippled by the Imposter Syndrome

We were all crippled by the Imposter Syndrome



We were all crippled by the Imposter Syndrome
I’m not sure what being quoted in the same article as Louis Tomlinson of One Direction says about my path to fame, but the fact that the Imposter Syndrome has now reached the tabloid press shows how awareness is spreading.



Daily Telegraph Confidence



How to ooze confidence (even when you’re a natural introvert)
Silly things like second thoughts, let alone paralysing self-reflection and remorse, don’t appear to cross Donald Trump’s mind. In this Daily Telegraph article Kate is interviewed about the imposter phenomenon and how completely absent it is for Donald Trump.


Financial Times article

Standing Up for Yourself
Fighting your corner is easy – if you are used to it. But going from life as a shrinking violet to being forthright and confident can be difficult.  The FT interviews Kate on the topic of confidence and self-esteem.


Positive Leadership article

Journal of Positive Leadership

The Imposter Phenomenon
Kate asks “Have you ever wondered when you would be ‘found out’ or felt terrified at making a mistake because it ‘proves’ you are not perfect, and not up to the job?” and explains the imposter phenomenon.


Entrepreneurs and the Imposter Phenomenon

Kate discusses her research into the Imposter Phenomenon amongst entrepreneurs on Cambridge TV’s Business Focus programme.