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Detective Inspector Yvonne Dales, Nottingham Police

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Kate, I can honestly say that your contribution to the BPA (Black Police Association) and NEWS (Nottinghamshire Encouraging Women to Succeed) development conference held a fortnight ago was first-class. Having identified the Imposter Syndrome as something affecting both men and women and where without the right support they lack the confidence to achieve their full potential, my challenge was finding a credible speaker/facilitator who would create the right impact on a very diverse audience. When we spoke together on the phone all those weeks ago and I explained the situation and what I was trying to achieve you were so patient in the way you listened before making a few suggestions. You then allowed me time to discuss with my colleagues before, pressuring me for a decision. What I particularly liked on the day was the way you personally opened up to everyone about your own experiences. The authenticity and humility in your approach inspired others to open up to you and the audience and share their own experiences of Imposter. Your idea of using a Panel involving Police and Fire Service colleagues, worked especially well. Overall, I believe the event and importantly your input was a resounding success. There is no doubt in my mind that without your contribution which involved individuals’ having to take time to reflect that the dialogue generated then and afterwards had a powerful unifying effect. Thank you again.

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