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The Confident Manager

Lessons in Confidence and Communication for Successful Managers

The Confident Manager offers valuable lessons to young and aspiring managers as well as sage advice to those already experienced in management. Told in a compelling story format, the messages are clear, concise and practical. Applying the lessons in this book will: boost your self-confidence both at work and personally, increase morale, team-working and customer service, improve the performance of your business. Matt quickly realizes that his new job as project manager requires different skills from the ones he is used to using - this time he needs to do 'people stuff'. His mistakes and successes highlight key messages in effective people management.

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Presentation Workout by Kate Atkin

The Presentation Workout

10 tried-and-tested steps to build your presenting skills

The Presentation Workout has been specially designed to help you perfect the art of presenting in any situation. Packed full of practical advice and easy-to-follow techniques, this 10-step improvement plan will show you how to enhance your skills and ensure you deliver a polished performance every time.

  • Test yourself – Establish your strengths and weaknesses with our pre-workout assessment
  • Follow the 10 Steps – Discover the skills that every presenter needs to succeed
  • Take action – Learn how to build your new knowledge into your everyday performance
  • Face your fears – Increase your confidence and confront the 10 most common presenting challenges
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Professional Speaker

The Business of Professional Speaking:

Expert advice from Kate Atkin and other top speakers on how to build a Speaking career.

This unique collection of tips and strategies from some of the UK's most successful speakers will show you how to become known as a 'speaker of choice', generate engagements and deliver compelling, entertaining speeches. Featuring the collective wisdom of seasoned speakers who have been there and done it, this book will help you become a succesful public speaker.

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The Confidence Factor

Ten steps to boost your confidence in any situation

Confidence is needed in many different situations, and depending on your own life experiences you’ll have a level of self-confidence in situations others may dread. This pocket guide is for the times when you find that the butterflies are starting to get the upper hand and you would like to have them fly in formation again. Or when you find your self-doubt starts to creep around the corner and you haven’t been able to turn the internal voice off.

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The Networking Factor

Ten steps for effective networking

Networking is a label for something we all do all the time in our everyday lives – meeting and talking to other people whilst looking out for opportunities to help others and to be helped by them.

This guide refers mainly to those formal networking situations such as conferences, business events and evening meetings. Networking happens whenever and wherever you are. It might be a chat by the school gates, a social gathering, or even while out shopping … that’s networking!

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